Mongoleireise 2007
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At April, 29th there was good weather in Germany, the sun was shining and I arrived very early at the Frankfurt Airport. There were 5 travellers queued up at the counter, so I was checked after a short time. After this checkin procedure I liked to drink a beer, but this was impossible. There were 7 waiters trying to save the world next to their computer terminal, and even a call 'Hello I am thirsty' was ignored. So I went to the boarding gate of Aeroflot, and had no problems. The crew was very friendly, and I didn't have any problems.

The short flight was in a comfortable Airbus A320 aircraft, but in Moscow I had to change it to the cheapest economy class of a Tupolev. The weather in Moscow was cold, and I wished to have a pullover with me. I got a seat at the window and had a great view at the luggage storage. And I have seen that my luggage was not loaded, as you can see on the following picture. No backpack, no bag.

The aircraft was uncomfortable, there were narrow seats and totally overheated. I wonder why the crew gave to me a blanket while I was sweating? The narrow seats were also an advantage. At the Moscow airport I bought a bottle of spanish shampagne, and although it is strictly forbidden to bring beverage to the aircraft I could drink the bottle without being noticed. A good friend of mine calls that 'enter the painless state'. Usually I cannot sleep in aircrafts, but on this flight I slept very well.

I med some friendly people in the aircraft, and obviously there weren't luxury holiday tourists in the aircraft. Instead they were globetrotters and really interested travellers like me. So here you see a picture of the Chingis Khaan airport near Ulan Bataar

The airport has two Terminals, and at one day there are maybe 2 aircrafts from international flights - that's a busy day in UB.

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