Mongoleireise 2007
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Why, and how I got the opportunity for this holiday trip:

At january 2007 I was working as a software developer at the University Stuttgart and this was a limited contract for 5 years. The expiration of this contract was at June, 1st of 2007 and I had the plan 1.) to find a new job and 2.) to do a shorter trip. In april a new law came into use, and suddenly my contract was extended for another 12 months. Two days later I applied for a Visa for Mongolia, applied for a 6 week holiday, looked for a flight ticket and made final plans. Last year I had the idea of visiting Mongolia again, and make a bicycle trip to Bayan Ölgii at the western border. But I had an accident with my motorbike, and was injured. So I wasn't able to continue my bicycle training, which was at 2 hours of bicycle ride every day, and 3 hours at friday. The idea of a Mongolia trip was still alive, and I continued learning mongolian language..... I saved 12 vacancy days from the last year, and took the rest from my annual vacancies. So it was a 26 workers day trip and 4 public holidays. My boss granted my application, and at end of April I was on the way to Ulan Bataar.

A picture at my departure day, at the train station near my hometown

I left the bicycle at home, filled my backpack one day before I left. This year I flew with Aeroflot, and was curious about the quality of the service. Last year I booked with Traveltopia, this year I engaged Wildberry Tours for my flight ticket.

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